Tourist Places

Venktesh Temple
Venktesh Temple
Category Historic

Venktesh Temple is situated at Muktarganj, Satna. This ancient temple should be viewed by every tourist who visit Satna.

Birsinghpur Temple of Shiv
Shiv Temple, Birsinghpur
Category Religious

Lord Shiva Temple at Birsinghpur is also a famous and old temple in the region. It is around 35 km north…

Chitrakoot Dham
Category Historic, Religious

Chitrakoot incorporates very many places of religious and pauranic importance,visited both by devotees and sight-seers.From the administrative view point, some…

Sharda Mata, Maihar
Ma Sharda Mata, Maihar
Category Historic, Religious

Goddess Sharada is also called Saraswati. She is the Goddess of learning. She provides intelligence, mind, wisdom and logic. She…

Tulsi Sangralya, Ramvan
Category Historic, Religious

The major heritage sites in the Satna district is the tulsi museum. Tulsi Museum is an Archaeological museum and is…