Satna is famous for two pious places- Chitrakoot and Maihar.

Chitrakoot has the folowing places to visit:

  1. Kamadgiri Mountain – The bow-shaped hollow Kamadgiri Mountain towers in many mythological legends. It is believed that Lord Brahma performed ‘Havan’ here before creating the universe.
  2. Ram Ghat – Located on the banks of Mandakini River,devotees of Lord Ram consider this as a very holy spot and is believe to absolve one of his sins.
  3.  Bharat Milap – The Temple at Bharat Milap marks the spot where Lord Bharata met Lord Ram to convince him to return to Ayodhya. Footprints of Lord Ram and his brother can be seen inside the temple.
  4. Kamtanath – The cottage built by Lord Lakshman for Lord Ram and Sita was known as Param Kutir and the temple today stand at the same site.
  5. Gupt Godavari – These ancient caves are a marvel. Narrow paths, beautiful carvings and perennial water streams makes this a very interesting place to visit.
  6. Janki Kund – Janki Kund is a beautiful water body which was known to be used by Sita for bathing during the exile.
  7. Deep Daan – During the auspicious Hindu month of “Karthik”, Deep daan(offering lamps) takes places at the banks of river Mandakini, it is worshiping Lord Rama by offerings lamps(diyas), flowers, incense, food, etc.

Maihar famous places to visit are:-

  1. Ma Sharda Devi Temple – The beautiful temple, atop Trikoota hill, attracts devotees in huge numbers.
  2. Golamath Temple – Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Golamath Temple was built during Kalchuri period (10th-11th century AD) .Known for fulfilling the desires and prayers of visitors this temple is situated at Deviji road and opposite to Bara Akhara. (2km from Maihar Railway Station).
  3.  Bada Akhada Temple – This temple is situated at Deviji road near Golamath temple. There is statues of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita made of Ashtadhatu metal.
  4. Alha Deo Temple – This Temple is dedicated to a fearless warrior and unbelievably powerful man.
  5. Oila Temple Maihar – The famous seer and visionary of future Swami Neel Kanttha founded the Oila temple in series of his Rampur mountain Tapobhoomi, rich with lively statues of Lord Ram, Laxman, Sita ,Shiva, Hanumanji, Durga and Ganesha this temple appears as heaven (the abode of gods and goddesses .Large Astadhatu statues of lord Visnu and Laxmi are pleasure to each eye . Nobody goes back without food during its Bhandara. With blessing and spiritual presence of its late gurus like Swami Neelkantth , Swami Dhela Ram and Swami Bhela Ram this Ashram is run at present by Swami Bam maharaj . It is situated at Maihar Satna road .
  6. Baba Talab Shiva Temple – This famous Shiva temple belongsd to Chandel period. Located at Maihar Satna road, this temple is at the bank of Baba Talab which adds a rare natural sight to it. It is a historical monument like Gola math.